As the Power of Attorney for my late mother, I hired a Personal Support Worker (PSW) to supplement her care in a nursing home from July 2012 - December 2014. Their responsibilities included such duties as taking my mother to activities and programs in the home, taking my mother outside for walks and short trips to the local Tim Horton's, assisting my mother with personal grooming and washroom visits, and assisting my mother during appointments.
The PSW was a reliable, gentle, and caring individual who added much to my mother's enjoyment and quality of life. She provided me with information updates when necessary, and made helpful suggestions to improve my mother's living environment.

The PSW truly understand how to relate to elderly people. Other families, volunteers, and staff would inform me how lucky my mother was to have such loving care from her.

I would highly recommend PCS to any family who is looking for reliable, knowledgeable, and compassionate care for their loved one. I would be pleased to answer any additional questions or provide any further details that might be requested.

Ruth MacDonald,

PCS lives up to the  name  of the  company. A lot of compassion for their clients. I had the same PSW from PCS cared for my brother who is now deceased and she is now caring for my sister-in-law. This lady goes the extra mile.  She does not say much but she walks the walk. Extremely sincere. She is the best. I would not hesitate to recommend PCS.

Mr. Smith,

I have been using Passionate Care Services for many years. My mother has vascular dementia and I leave her in their care whenever I need to go out of the city for extended periods. I am her primary care giver and I feel confident that when they come in I have nothing to worry about.  The staff is caring, understanding, punctual and efficient.  They administer all medication and arrange for her to have a variety of experiences as well as take her to her adult day classes.

My mother can be unpredictable in her moods and it is imperative for me to know that she is being left with the best care possible.

Thank you Passionate Care for treating my mom like family.

I take this opportunity to share my experience with Passionate Care Services. In November 2014 my mom was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer. Within 2 months she was assessed as palliative so my family decided to get extra help in the home to care for her. Passionate Care was recommended to us by a friend who is using their services for his dad so I gave them a call. They were very welcoming and understanding. Immediately an appointment was scheduled for someone to visit with us and to assess my mom's condition to find the most suitable person to work with her.
A Personal Support Worker, T.L.  was assigned to Mom. The care she administered was excellent. She went above and beyond what we anticipate in caring. Mom was cared for with love and dignity and that was very important to us as a family.
We have no regrets using Passionate Care Services to care for Mom in her final day of living. I will proudly recommend them to anyone who need their service.
Satisfied Client,

A PSW from PCS cared for my mom. Her approach to the elderly and people in general was very compassionate and kind. Mom depended on her. Mom would always ask for her and wants to know when is she coming. She was the last person is see my mom alive and that meant a lot to us. All of us as family members were very pleased with her service. She was a wonderful person. I would gladly recommend Passionate Care at anytime.


Mavis Bansavatar,

I have been working with PCS for the past 4 years. I proudly say I have no regrets working with PCS.


I have been working for Passionate Care Service and respect and dignity are the right words to describe them. At PCS that's what they stand for and that's what they give.


The name 'Passionate Care Services' truly represents who they are.


The most amazing company I have ever known. A true Angel on earth. I am happy to be working for PCS. May God continue to bless them in all they do.


PCS has been working for me for approximately 8 years. I would highly recommend them at the drop of a hat. They are caring. They go out of their way to help. They are honest, dependable and very good. I highly recommend Them.

Mrs. Carla Anderson,